Winter 2017 in the Dolomiti

Some of the photos I took during Winter break this year, enjoy! All of these are available to be printed. Click here for prints
Alleghe _MG_0692 Cima Boè

White Evo

Found this beauty in the Student Center parking lot at school, took some pictures of it and left the owner a note. He's down for a full on photoshoot at some point, which sounds great!!
_MG_0531 _MG_0522


Here's some pictures of the Dolomiti because why not? To be more specific these were taken in Alleghe (BL). Enjoy
Mt_Pelmo_Alleghe Alleghe Serrai_Alleghe

Pula Croatia

Just another great place in Croatia, I mean what's new?


Took a trip to Bordeaux with my family for a long weekend back in July. The city is beautiful, so of course it deserved to be photographed!
Place de la Bourse Bordeaux Cinema Place de la Bourse_2

The Queen of the Dolomiti

I took this picture while skiing over winter break this year. The rock you can see in the foreground is just the very top of the Marmolada, the Queen of the Dolomiti. This mountain is 3343 meters high, and the picture was taken from the highest point the ski lift brings you at: 3265 meters. All the other mountains in the background make up just a small portion of the Dolomiti and the Marmolada watches them from up above, over the clouds.


Snowy Little Hill

Encountered this view one night during my walk back to the dorm and I'm glad I had my camera with me.