Playing with steel wool

It took a while to get the spinning right and time everything, but the result is beautiful!

Light Sphere

Star Trails

Trying out some star trails with this barn.

Barn star trails

Sticks DJ @ SUNY Poly

It's Apocalipse week here at SUNY Poly and tonight we had a great drummer and DJ: Sticks.

IMG_4525 IMG_4486 IMG_4765 IMG_4565

Relay for Life @ SUNY Poly

Annual Relay for Life at SUNY Poly.

IMG_4288 IMG_4093 IMG_4044 IMG_4033

Missing Home...

Never thought I would ever miss home, but looking at these pictures makes me want to go back.

Fedaia Lake panorama 1 fedaia-panorama

More Dolomiti Pictures at Alleghe Album on FLickr


Playing with reflections on the water.


Well Reds Concert

The Well Reds in concert at SUNY Poly during Winter Fest.

IMG_1991 IMG_2004 IMG_1996 IMG_1881